Saham Amanah Sabah (SAS)




Name Of Fund

Saham Amanah Sabah

Fund Category

Equity Fund

Fund Type

Income and Growth Fund

Launch Date

10 October 1994

Approved Fund Size

1.5 billion units

Financial Year Ended

31 December

Investment Objective

The primary investment of the Fund is to produce a reasonable rate of return for Unit Holders over the medium to long term (3 years and above).

Investment Policy

To meet the investment objective, up to 98% of the Net Asset Value (NAV) may be Strategy & Asset Allocation invested in a diversified portfolio of equities, with up to 50% of the NAV in foreign equities. The Fund may also invest in fixed income instruments. Liquid assets is maintained at minimum 2% of the NAV.


Performance Benchmarks

Weighted average of the following:  

·         50% of the FTSE Bursa Malaysia Top 100 Index (FBM 100)

·         50% of the MSCI AC Asia ex Japan (MXASJ)

Principle Risks

Stock Market Risks, Individual Stock Risk, Currency Risk and Country Risk.

Investors Profile

The Fund is open to individuals,companies and institutions. It is suitable for investors who :

· Prefer a medium to long term investment horizon.

· Want to achieve an adequate level of income and capital gain at an acceptable level  of risk.

Distribution Policy

The fund may distribute a portion of its net income and net realised capital gain which are available for distribution at the discretion of the Manager.



NAV per unit for 11 December 2018

RM 0.3278

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