Fees and Charges

a) Charges Imposed on Purchase or Sale of Units

  This table describes the charges that you may directly incur when you buy or redeem units of the Fund.


Charges  Rate

     Sales charge per unit *

     (service charge)

3.5% of NAV per unit of the Fund, subject to a maximum charge of 3 sen per unit.

     Repurchase charge per unit


     Dilution fee/transaction cost factor                            


     Other charges payable directly by the investor      (e.g. switching charges, transfer charges,            bank charges, etc)

Transfer fee - RM3.00


Note: The Manager may, for any reason at any time, waive or reduce the amount of the sales charge at its absolute discretion.Investor may negotiate for a lower sales charge, depending on the amount of investment.



b) Fees Incurred on Investing in the Fund

   This table describes the fees that you may indirectly incur when you invest in the Fund.


Fees and Expenses         Rate
Annual Management Fee *                                          1.5% per annum of the NAV of the Fund calculated on a daily basis
Annual Trustee Fee * 0.045% per annum of the NAV of the Fund calculated on a daily basis
Other expenses of the Fund *                                                 

1)  Auditors’ and other relevant professional fees;

2)  All other expenses that are directly related and necessary to the business of the Fund as set out in the Deed.

Other fees payable indirectly by an investor (if any) 




NAV per unit for 16 November 2018

RM 0.3340

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