Transfer of Units
  Normal Transfer
  Forms and Documents Required:
  • Normal Transfer Form
  • Original Certificate/Statement
  • Copy of NRIC: Transferor and Transferee
  • Transfer fee of RM3.00 (subject to GST )
  Notes: In the case of Jointholders, the Jointholder who is above 18 years
of age is required to sign the application form together with the principal holder.

  Transfer Upon Deceased
  Forms and Documents Required:
  • Certified copy of Death Certificate of the deceased
  • Certified copy of NRIC of the beneficiary
  • Original SAS certificate/statement of investment of the deceased
  • Transfer fee of RM3.00 (subject to GST )
  Additionl Documents where applicable (original and certified copy):
  • “Jadual Tiga” from “Mahkamah Anak Negeri”
  • Letter of Administration
  • Order or Judgement from Syariah Court (Muslim Investors only)
  • Indemnity Letter
  • Declaration by Administrator
  • Other supporting documents as and when necessary
  Notes: Units will be transferred automatically to Jointholder who must be at least 18 years, whereas in the case of minor Jointholder, a beneficiary should be appointed as the principal holder until the minor reaches 18 years of age.



NAV per unit for 16 November 2018

RM 0.3340

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