Name Of Fund Saham Amanah Sabah
Fund Category Equity Fund
Fund Type Income and Growth Fund
Launch Date 10 October 1994
Approved Fund Size 1.5 billion units
Financial Year Ended 31 December
Investment Objective The primary investment objective of the Fund is to produce a reasonable rate of return for Unit Holders over the medium to long term (3 years and above) without exposing their investment to undue risk through various types of investments.
Investment Policy To meet the investment objective, up to 98% of the Net Asset Value (NAV) may be invested in a diversified portfolio of equities, with up to 50% of the NAV in foreign equities. The Fund may also invest in fixed income instruments. Liquid assets level is maintained at minimum 2% of the NAV.
Performance Benchmarks Weighted average of the following:
50% of the FTSE Bursa Malaysia Top 100 Index (FBM 100) +
50% of the MSCI AC Asia ex Japan (MXASJ)
Principle Risks Stock Market Risks, Individual Stock Risks, Currency Risks and Country Risks.
Investors Profile The Fund is open to Malaysian of Sabah origin; individuals, companies and institutions. It is suitable for investors who :
a. Prefer a medium to long term investment horizon; and
b. Want to achieve an adequate level of income and capital gain at an acceptable level of risk.
Distribution Policy The fund may distribute a portion of its net income and net realised capital gain which are available for distribution at the discretion of the Manager.
Fees & Charges

a) Charges Imposed on Sale or Redemption of Units

Charges Rate
Sales charge per unit
(service charge)
3.5% of NAV per unit of the Fund, subject to a maximum charge of 3 sen per unit.
Redemption charge per unit None
Dilution fee/transaction cost factor None
Other charges payable directly by the investor. Transfer fee of RM3.00

Note: The Manager may, for any reason at any time, waive or reduce the amount of the sales charge at its absolute discretion. Investor may negotiate for a lower sales charge, depending on the amount of investment.

b) Fees Incurred on Investing in the Fund

Fees and Expenses Rate
Annual Management Fee 1.5% per annum of the NAV of the Fund calculated on a daily basis.
Annual Trustee Fee 0.045% per annum of the NAV of the Fund calculated on a daily basis.
Other expenses of the Fund
  1. Auditors and other relevant professional fees; and
  2. All other expenses that are directly related and necessary to the business of the Fund as set out in the Deed.
Other fees payable indirectly by an investor (if any) None
Transaction Details
Minimum Holdings The minimum holding is one thousand (1,000) units.
Minimum Additional
There are no minimum units for additional investment.
The Minimum Redemption
Unit Holders may redeem any amount subject to a minimum holding of one thousand (1,000) units.
Restriction on The Frequency
of Redemption
Information on Cooling-Off
Six (6) business days from the date of receipts of the application for the units by the Manager.
Transfer of Units A Unit Holder may fully or partially transfer his units to another Unit Holder. In the event of a partial transfer, both transferor and transferee must each hold a minimum holding of one thousand (1,000) units after transfer.
(a) Normal Transfer Transfer process is done by completing the relevant form and submission of required documents of the transferor and transferee.
(b) Deceased Transfer Transfer process is done by completing the relevant form and submission of required documents of the transferor (deceased) and transferee.
Distribution Reinvestment Option Reinvestment of Distribution of Income may be done upon instruction from the Unit Holder, subject to certain criteria. There is no incidental cost associated with reinvestment.
Distribution Policy Payment of distribution, if any, is made out in the form of cheque or direct credit. The cheque will be posted to the registered address of the Unit Holder and is valid for a six (6) months period (from the date of the distribution cheque. If the Manager deems the distribution to be uneconomical to pay out, the amount will be automatically reinvested into the unit holders’ accounts in the form of additional units in the Fund at no cost.
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